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"Thank you for speaking at our annual Missions Emphasis Sunday. Your messages in Sunday School and the Worship Service were very well received. The enthusiasm and conviction with which you spoke made it obvious that you believe in the ministry of SAT-7 and love what you are doing. I believe our people caught some of that enthusiasm and conviction. They were 'blown away' by what they heard about what God is doing through SAT-7. For the majority of our people this was a revelation. They were unaware of the spiritual hunger in the Middle East and North Africa. They were unaware of the great response SAT-7 is getting. Your messages made it a very encouraging and uplifting day, confirming to our hearts that the gospel still is, 'the power of God unto salvation...' Thank you for being willing to come to our small church and tell the SAT-7 story."  Tim Terhune, Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Livonia, MI

"Thank you for coming and ministering to us...for our Mission's Conference. I heard from many of our people who were greatly encouraged by the information you shared about SAT-7 and its many-faceted ministries. Although I knew a lot about your ministry, you shared new information that caused me to rejoice in what the Lord is doing...This satellite technology is a wonderful and great avenue that the Lord has opened up and I am so thankful to know about it and will pray for your continued success in sharing Jesus with those who have never heard."  Donald E. Zimmerman, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Downers Grove, Downers Grove, IL

"Dr. Rogers spoke recently at our church on his ministry with SAT 7. Our diverse audience greatly appreciated his insight and information. We learned a great deal about how the church in the Middle East is continuing to grow and what part SAT 7 is playing in reaching people of all ages. All participants left that day with a greater understanding of what it means to minister to our Muslim neighbors both at home and around the world. We appreciated Dr. Rogers’ passion for seeing God’s kingdom grow!" Stephanie Sheler, Director of Adult Ministries, Ivanrest Church, Grandville, MI

"An intergenerational audience was enlightened by Dr. Rogers’s presentation on gambling. His passion, style and expertise were on display as he spoke on the gambling issue that is a multi-billion dollar business. Seventy five persons in the education hour of the Caledonia Christian Reformed Church found his insights on gambling to be Biblically based and an excellent guide for Christian living and facing the issue straight on. May the Lord Bless Your Work."  Jeff Pettinga, Caledonia Christian Reformed Church, Caledonia, MI

"Thanks for coming down and giving a great message to us at Men's Steak Night in Battle Creek. I pray it hit home with all of us and that it helps us in our walk from here forward. I know Christians need to be taught/reminded that we are to be in the world, not of it. And your explanation of the difference, I felt, was dead on. This is what I try to teach my own children and all the children I minister to in our ch ildren's ministry. They need to understand this now! It is much easier to teach them at this age than for them to learn it as an adult like I did. I still struggle with that balance from time to tim e and your message last night helped define it in a way that made it crystal clear. Thanks again, and may God bless you and yours and may He continue to bless your new ministry." Kenyon James Hopkins, First Wesleyan Church, Battle Creek, MI

"Hi Rex, I want to thank you sincerely for the great job you did at Convocation yesterday here at Grace. You communicated well and kicked off our year wonderfully. I thank you for doing so"  Ken B. Kemper, President, Grace Bible College, Grand Rapids, MI

"Dr. Rogers is an inspiring speaker who captivates and holds the attention of his audience. He recently spoke at the commencement exercises of Providence Christian High School and was able to pinpoint many of the issues that will face those students who are going out into the world. Dr. Rogers truly made them think about the kind of people they should strive to be. At the same time he was able to address the rest of the audience by relating these same topics to issues that even the parents, grandparents, family members and other school supporters could connect with. We were truly blessed to have a visionary such as Dr. Rogers speak at our graduation ceremony."  Brian J. Poppen, Principal, Providence Christian High School, Fremont, MI

"Dr. Rex Rogers is a visionary, broad picture thinker, who doesn’t hesitate to speak out on hot topics—always offering the Christian worldview. He is articulate and energetic, and when he talks about “Making a Difference” he isn’t just talking. He has done just that. He has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students, and encouraged tremendous growth during his tenure at Cornerstone University."  Jennie Afman Dimkoff, Author, Speaker, President, Storyline Ministries, Inc., Fremont, MI

"Dear Dr Rogers, I want to thank you for preaching at our church this past Sunday. Your sense of humor kept us all engaged but your knowledge of the Bible and how it impacts our world was challenging to me. Thanks to your insight into the world, our church has been stretched."  Roger Bruins, President, National Nail Corporation, Grand Rapids, MI

"Dr. Rex Rogers has been a favorite guest speaker at Woodside Bible Church over the years. With his strong commitment to the Scriptures and his clear understanding of our culture, he has always delivered messages that are biblical, relevant, passionate and compelling."  Dr. Doug Schmidt, Senior Pastor, Woodside Bible Church, Troy, MI

"We hosted Dr. Rogers at our store on Fri. Sept. 14, 2007 as part of our Friday Night Spotlight series. His talk was informative and he is an expert on his subject matter. He spoke on the topic of gambling and he gets high marks in the areas of content and delivery. As a speaker he is engaging and he got a good response from those who came to hear him. As a writer he gets high marks as well. Go to Amazon's website and note the reviews that their customers have posted on his books."  Dave Baker, Store Events, Baker Book House , Grand Rapids, MI

"Speaking 'straight up' is a lost art today. Too many are willing to bend to the cultural mores of society, always speaking around an issue but never addressing its core. Rex Rogers is different—he is a gifted, forthright speaker who is not afraid to tackle a sensitive subject head on, be it social, political, or spiritual. Knowledgeable about the Word and our world, he skillfully and carefully brings home the message of truth to our times—informing and inspiring audiences to pursue what is right. I highly recommend his services."  Dr. Don Denyes, Sr. Pastor, South Church, Lansing, MI