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Homosexuality occurred 3,000 years ago in Sodom and Gomorrah, but it has emerged, along with AIDS, as a major contemporary problem.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are even growing problems among Christians. Whether reacting to a dysfunctional family, yielding to perverted lust, or as victims of experimentation or vulnerability, even Christians have found themselves involved in dead-end confused homosexual liaisons.

Homosexuality, we are told, is an "alternative lifestyle." We are also informed that it is not even a "sexual preference" but an "orientation" that is biologically determined. How it can be both a lifestyle, something chosen, and a biological orientation, something determined, is a logic that escapes me.

While homosexuals deserve the civil rights afforded to us all in a free society, we do them no favor by giving them special rights. What they need is caring deliverance.

The Bible states that the only "safe sex" is biblically defined heterosexual sex in marriage. Any other kind of sex is a morally dangerous deviation for which people will always reap consequences.

 The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a chosen sinful behavior. Now that may sound like intolerant "homophobia." But what it really is, is a message of hope. Since homosexuality is a sin and a choice, homosexuality can be forgiven and it can be stopped.

The Bible calls for Christians to love the sinner, the homosexual, while condemning the sin, homosexuality. This is not always easy to do because Christians are subject to fear or ignorance like anyone else. But this is precisely the point at which Christians can make a difference in the world because of their faith. The God of the Bible is holy, but he also loves and forgives those who come to him. Christianity has the solution to the homosexual’s problem.


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 "Adam and Steve: Homosexuality and the Bible," #004 from the Making a Difference program Cornerstone University Radio, and the Making a Difference newspaper column syndicated nationally. Originally recorded January 22, 1993.

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