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I don’t comprehend how celebrities think. Probably because I’ve never been one, am not one, am not the son of one, and never will be one. But still, not all for sure but a bunch of ‘em that make social media “news,” what are they thinking?
1—Work to be famous then whine about lack of privacy.
2—Wear provocative clothing and post selfies then say how “hurt” they are by online comments saying they’re beautiful etc., calling this sexual harassment.
(I recognize there are indeed vicious forms of harassment online re sexuality, race, religion, politics, you name it, and in no way excuse it.)
3—Assume anti-gun or gun control positions then travel with armed security.
4—Call for open borders but live in fenced and gated communities.
5—Virtue signal their global warming bona fides and ostensibly low carbon footprints then fly globally in private jets.
6—Like to convey they stand on moral high ground yet criticize the morality of the “wrong” party while remaining silent about moral failures in their party.
7—Often reject Christianity, saying it is prejudiced toward the latest sexual permutation or racial justice then oddly wink while supporting various global religions that marginalize, persecute, and prosecute women, minorities, et al.
8—Bluster they will move to Canada if the wrong person is elected but, alas, they never do.
Culture and various self-appointed celebrity influencers say things like, “We should all be entitled to live without judgment,” meaning no one should question anyone else’s behavioral choices. But really? What if the choice is murder, child abuse, terrorism?
Labeling behavior sin, that God calls sin, is not harsh, judgmental, or hateful. Actually and ironically, this truth-telling offers a “second chance,” because there is a remedy for sin. There is forgiveness, reconciliation, transformation. So speaking the truth in love with gentleness and respect is not hate, it’s hope.
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