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For a lot of reasons people don’t like to get older. But there are a few advantages, too, if you look for them. Here are some:

- Getting to know your own kids as adults.

- You know things now you didn’t know then.

- Ideas, aspirations, goals, in time, turn into “successful failures” or achievements, but either way, a life of your own making.

- You come to understand that “This too shall pass,” a maturing and an enormously liberating grasp of reality.

- You learn giving really is better than receiving. (BTW, I have a cat to give to you—give me a call).

- Come to understand that most parents and most pastors were right after all.

- Learn that grandchildren are great when the come (to your house) and great when they go (to their house).

- See more rainbows.

- Realize that the pursuit of happiness can be an unending tyranny, whether briefly attained or not.

- Learn that money matters, but not as much as we think.

- Realize that “Just Married” is great, but “Still Married” is better.

- You get to see “how you turned out.”


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