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Woke culture produces bullies, people so self-righteously engaged with their holy list of issues that anyone disagreeing with them must be silenced. Welcome to America’s Brave New World.

“Woke” is shorthand for the slang “stay woke,” meaning to be aware of an issue, particularly so-called social justice issues. Wokeism is a new, sort of “religious” orthodoxy sweeping America. 

Wokeism requires absolute adherence to its demands. And if you don’t agree, you’ll be publicly humiliated or defamed, professionally ruined, or otherwise dismissed, typically via social media attacks. For example, University of British Columbia Board Chairman had to resign after simply liking Trump Tweets. The Church will be next.

The woke culture or wokeism finds almost everything offensive, which means it wants to cancel seemingly everything. The cancel culture is a subset of Wokeism.

Wokeism uses bullying tactics, which in the name of tolerance and anti-racism are ultimately intolerant and often racist. 

Like bullies everywhere, no amount of agreement, acquiescence, apologies, or groveling satisfies them, i.e. they “can’t get no satisfaction” because they really don’t want it. They want to quash anyone who does not salute their definition of the prevailing narrative, and they can’t win arguments on the merits so, again, silencing is their tool.  

In wokeism, there is no forgiveness, only guilt the woke assign, and since they perceive themselves or those they purportedly represent as victims, everyone else is inherently and permanently guilty.

By now perhaps it goes without saying that wokeism is anti-American, meaning the point of view concludes that anything American is by definition racist and thus deplorable. Cue the ritual shaming, and also cultish kowtowing by political elites.

Ben Weingarten recently noted, “the National Museum of African American History & Culture has a section of its website entitled, ‘Talking About Race.’ One infographic there illustrates that values such as self-reliance, hard work and future orientation, institutions such as the nuclear family and a justice system based on English common law that enshrines private property rights, and practices such as using proper English and being polite are aspects of "white dominant culture"—a culture "where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal." Only after facing a backlash did the museum decide to pull down the infographic. But the site's ‘Talking About Race’ section remains, replete with similar materials, including, for example, an embedded video entitled, ‘Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo.’"

“According to the museum, some key identifying characteristics of ‘whiteness’…include possessing a ‘master and control nature,’ ‘aggressiveness and extroversion,’ ‘heavy value on ownership of goods, space, property,’ a taste in ‘steak and potatoes; ‘bland is best,' and ‘no tolerance for deviation from single god concept,’ so be sure to watch out for these signs when interacting with others to steer clear of white people.”

I’m not sure what logic brings one to a point that you could say, with a straight face, that a taste for steak and potatoes is somehow racial. But this is the level of racist absurdity to which some have gotten in their wokeness. And, of course, this is pretty mundane. To argue that a belief in a “single god concept” is somehow “White” is much more metaphysically and spiritually dangerous to the individual who buys into this satanic idea. 

“Woke” culture focuses on social justice, anarchist, or leftist issues: microaggressions, police actions against Blacks, LGBTQ rights, poverty among Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, attacks against Muslims or suspicion against them by associating them with terrorists, environmentalism.

For the record, I have no problem with genuine concerns for racial justice and equal opportunity, nor with social justice per se as it can be defined based upon a Christian worldview. My problem is with the underlying Marxism, associated critical race theory, and leftist philosophy represented in wokeism that wants to tear down the American system for the sake of historically demonstrated failed and dangerous ideas that undermine freedom and justice for all. 

Like wokeism, we are all a product of a world in the grip of a crisis of meaning. As a culture, we do not know where we’re going, or why we’re here, or what we’re supposed to be doing… Left unchecked, wokeism will bring us further into tribal division and the sense of disconnection that drives the meaning crisis.”

A democratic republic cannot survive without law and order, comity, social cohesion, and ideals. Wokeism stands against all of this, promoting disorder, disunity, social insurrection, and narrowly conceived anti-democratic values.

Problem is, the woke bullies are nihilistically angry. They can’t get no satisfaction and with their values they never will. 


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