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For years I never watched movies more than once. Doing so just didn’t appeal. Then I changed. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it has something to do with so few films, despite the overwhelming number of choices available, that are actually good?

At any rate, now I like to watch certain movies again and again. I know the dialogue, can quote the best lines, and revel in the most compelling scenes. I’m not talking about critically acclaimed films, just enjoyable ones. In no particular order here’s a short list of movies, at least from my point of view, which are worth watching again and again:

--Groundhog Day (1993).

--Quigley Down Under (1990).

--The Breakfast Club (1985).

--Apollo 13 (1995).

--Shall We Dance? (2004).

--A Christmas Carol (1984).

--Cast Away (2000).

--Crossfire Trail (2001).

--Tombstone (1993).

--Open Range (2003).


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