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After considerable public reaction to TSA’s newly installed airport body scanners, they’re now testing a new technology that will reveal a fuzzed over generic body image rather than individual body parts.

I said earlier there was a better way than the unnecessary and humiliating full body image scanners being forced upon air travelers. But TSA and others argued, “No, trust us, this is best.” Looks like now: I was right.

The first test of the new technology will take place at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The test will run for 45-60 days. So we’re not over the top on this just yet. The tests could fail. But at least TSA is listening to the public and working to find a better scanner that reveals weapons technology without forcing travelers to go naked into airport concourses.

The new technology will supposedly also allow TSA to do away with the recently installed security booths wherein agents reviewed monitors of travelers passing through the scanner, then radioed an OK. Now, because the image is fuzzed, it will likely be visible to travelers and agents can be liberated from the booths. So much for all that money spent on construction of the booths.

TSA and other government voices said the new scanners would save time. Baloney. Travelers are required to remove more from their person than ever before, belts, paper and pills in pockets, wallets, everything. None of which had to be removed to go through metal detectors. Getting through checkpoints and reassembling oneself afterwards takes longer than ever.

I’m not against safety and security. What sane person would be? But I don’t immediately buy the latest government line that the latest hot new security toy is the only only and the best we can do. That’s spin because it never really works that way. And this latest announcement demonstrates it. All that noise earlier. All that defense of what they were doing as “a must,” yet here we are with a possible improvement.

So three cheers on effort, but we’ll wait to see what happens.


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